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Known as Incarnation Ministries, is a Christ-centered, Bible-based, multicultural, LGBTQ-inclusive campus ministry. Going forward you will see bible-based articles that will help you live a christ-centered life and develop the next generation of church leaders while being a student in school and even outside of campus.

Prayer and Fasting at

As the Church moves to the Global South and the United States is becoming more diverse, the next generation has a different understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity.

We need leaders who are equipped to be Christ’s witnesses in this changing landscape while also hungering for God, following Jesus as our Lord and Savior, loving one another, studying the Bible, and responding to the Holy Spirit.

As part of developing leaders, we will focus on three areas: prayers, fasting, and bible study.  

Impactful Prayers

We will teach how to pray and also provide articles on how to pray for several types of situations.

Fasting Lifestyle

Deep spirituality is birthed from disciplines and fasting is one of them. You’ll learn how to fast as a Christian and utilize it as a tool to fulfill God’s plan for your life.

Studying the Bible

We’ll be studying the bible together and focusing on the most searched bible verses across the word wide web.


Stay tuned as we journey along in developing our spirituality and leadership skills to serve the body of Christ and the world at large.