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Mother’s Day Blessings

Mother’s Day Blessings: Mother’s day is coming! Mother’s day is a special day for mothers all around the world. It is a special day to celebrate motherhood, and everything mothers do for their children. A Mother’s Day Prayer is a wonderful way to pronounce blessings on your mother, grandmother, daughter, or another female relative who …

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Prayer for Job Interview

Prayer for Job Interview – A job interview is a formal questioning to determine the ability of an applicant to do the job he applied for. As a Christian, he is to prepare for it professionally, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The spiritual preparation includes prayers. Job Interview An interview is an opportunity for both the …

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Prayer for Relationship Restoration

Prayer For Relationship Restoration: Have you ever prayed for someone to come back into your life?. A relationship that was so real and so meaningful, but then it ended. It didn’t end because one of us stopped loving the other – we both still love each other very much. But in the course of life, sometimes …

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